About Us

Maxtinc_About1In the beginning of 2012, 4 professional people with rich embedded system domain experiences came together to form the company Maxt Inc. (Multiple Applications eXpress Technology Inc.) The primary objective is to build a premier embedded system with our passion and endeavor to advance the technologies in the fields of Gaming and Web Digital Signage.

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Consider the market trend and fulfill customers’ demands, Maxtinc focus on the embedded system business. We initiative and follow the market demands to develop various products/solutions to support customers delivery of their own embedded applications. As a leading technology provider, we achieves this by providing superior quality and cost effective solution for our partners around the world.

Maxtinc provides the products, solutions and related services including

  1. Embedded System Hardware / SBC – Single Boards Computing, from Intel entry-level Atom processor to high-end Intel Core i processor providing for various industry M/B form factors.
  2. Embedded System Hardware / Box PC – Providing overall integration embedded system including Slim Box PC and fan-less design Book size PC for various embedded applications such as digital signage, industry automation, transportation, etc. Our Embedded system can support from Intel entry-level Atom processor to high end Intel core i processor.
  3. Digital Signage Solution – Combined the world class signage software and related embedded system as the turnkey solution for amazing digital signage experiences delivery.
  4. Video Slot Gaming Application Development Platform – Provide the innovative Video Slot Gaming application development platform to support Games designers can quickly to deliver the demands video slot games based on Maxtinc turnkey solution.Thanks the latest technology, Maxtinc can provide the world class hardware / software to help customers realize their own embedded applications and provide the amazing experiences customers can have.