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JOT performs closing screening of clever wearables for outstanding user experience February 2015 12 JOT Automation Ltd February 12, 2015 The leading supplier of production and test answers, wRITE Automation, performs clever wearables for a fortified end’s final assessment expertise and shortens time-to-market within the highly competitive marketplace. WRITE G3, called an all-in-one specialist that is final for smartphones enables fully automatic assessments on wearables like smartwatches in a reliable and repeatable environment. JOT G3 completes multiple exams in one single software. The solution with a lightweight presence is with the capacity of managing DUT software tests were expected by all of the on, for audio, RF, electrics touchscreen, switches, example, and plug in connections. Wearable products happen to be for a long-time on the markets, but merely recently gets the offering not become unfashionable. Juniper Investigation has predicted that 19 thousand USD internationally will be reached by clever wearables hardware income by 2018. “ we may experience even greater market potential. You will see several takers although the meal is likely to not be small. The market will undoubtedly be packed with competition.

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Champions can have the ability to boost the item improvement process’ speed and also the quality of its result,” said auml M &; auml & mmel ; Line Director at JOT Automation. “Buyers assume little devices with numerous uses and effective consistency at a reasonable cost. We believe that &rsquo was acquired by huge amounts of effectiveness and design driven wearables;t be mailed within the moment-to-market with satisfactory accuracy, quality and charge without “ The organization is showcasing the G3 all’s key functions -one remaining tester in the Portable Congress in Barcelona on March 2-5. 5D36 is Stood by visit Automation at Hall 5. More information: Mika M mmel&auml ; Line Director, Telecom WRITE Automation Ltd. +358 40 best site 301 5123 mika.mammela@jotautomation.com JOT Automation in transient: JOT Automation brings the robotics innovation to get a user-experience that is greater.

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JOT creates the brightest importance with assembly answers and automated test for products that are intelligent. JOT offers customizable generation alternatives on the basis of segments and the best applications allow efficiency and supreme styles in nominal forms. The business is just an international partner for that market leaders manufacturing wearables and smart-phones run by all of the cellular OS’s that are major.